Positives of waking up early

Hello again, I felt a little bit creative so I decided to write about something that has caught my mind lately. Waking up early, and I am talking about early, early before the birds wake up. Not 7am, neither 6am but 5am or even 4:30am.

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What can really be so positive about waking up early?

To hit you up with some facts I can start by telling you that almost every human who has succeeded in life have an extremely strict morning routine. You probably have a lot of questions to why every successful human have a strict routine but I will tell you why. Before 6am are the most quiet hours you can find on the planet, while everyone is sleeping you are awake and doing work. I did some research and I found out that after you escape the grogginess of waking up your brain will have a peak in its creativity in the morning. Why? There is literally nothing happening, no bus, no trains, no cars, no shops, no notification on your phone and the list goes on. You can really focus on what you want and no one is there to distract you from doing it because remember, they are sleeping. As well you can imagine how much better you will perform in school and job because you have been awake for probably 2+ hours and the grogginess is long gone!

This one really hit my brain hardly. There was done a research a few months back and it was actually proven that the early birds who wake up before 6am was generally more happy and stronger mentally then those who woke up later, a lot of them also had a higher IQ then the average human but that could be coincidence.

I my self have decided to try this out and will update this blog to see how my little ‘experiment’ is going after a week or so. I will now write a little about what I am expecting from this ‘experiment’. I am expecting:

  • Brighter day
  • More productivity
  • Better focus

Now this will be my schedule:

04:30: Wake up

04:35: Eat/drink

05:00: Workout

06:00: Other things like meditation, reading, doing essays, etc.

Yes I am aware that this will be a very painful and hard experience but I am willing to try it and see how it effects my school work and life in general.

Comparing ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ and ‘The Kite Runner’

Hello its been a while since my last blog post. Friday the 8th of March we watched two movies: The Reluctant Fundamentalist and The Kite Runner.  As well I read the novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. I can tell you with my hand on the heart that the book and movie was very different. In this post I will compare the two movies and analyse too see if I find any similarities.

Short summary of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a movie about a pakistan man called Changez. Changez is born and raised in Lahore which is the second biggest city in Pakistan. For his education Changez moves to New Jersy to study at Princeton University.  He graduates from Princeton with good grades and also gets high-class job at a Samson. Changez is earning a good amount of money as well he has a girlgriend called Erica. Changez goes to another country for vacation and then 9/11 struck and on his way back to America he experiences a lot of discrimination and racism. After some time in America and quitting his job he decides to go back to Lahore where he becomes a teacher. Changez starts to become a very popular teacher in the university for his meanings and solution for world problems. He also teaches students to riot in a non-violent way against America.

Short summary of The Kite Runner

This movie is a about Pakistan and how the war shaped people and how a single experience can change something forever. Amir and Hassan are childhood friends when all the sudden Amir get threatened by Assef and his friends for being with a Hazara. Hassan pulls up his slingshot and gets away for this time. Time passes by until a kite event is hosted in the city. Amir and Hassan wins the contest and when Hassan runs away to find the losers kite Amir loses him and finds him eventually up in a dead end ally surrounded by Assef and his friends. Assef rapes Hassan and when it is all over Amir acts like nothing have happened and is hit with a big load of guilt. Amir eventually decides that Hassan  needs to leave and hides his watch and some money in Hassan’s room. Amir tells Baba which is his father about the «theft» and Hassan admits it even though he did not do it. Then Hassan and his father tells Amir and Baba that they will move and have already decided long ago before all this. They move and the story skips to that Pakistan is invaded by the soviets and Amir and Baba are forced to move out of the country to the USA. They live in the USA for a bit and Amir gets a girlfriend and gets approval to marry her. They marry and Baba passes away and then Amir gets a call about an old friend who is sick in Pakistan. Amir goes to Pakistan and hears news about Hassan’s death and also his son who is captured by the Taliban. Amir goes to and arranges a meeting with the official and eventually with out that Assef is the leader of Taliban. Just barely they both make it out alive and the rest ends up with a low key happy story.


So now to the thing main thing you probably are here for. The comparison of the two movies!

So I can already start by saying and you have probably understood this by the summary of the movies but it takes place in the USA and Pakistan. That is already one thing in common. 9/11 is one of the biggest international terrorist attack we have had and it is still to this day. Both movies focused on terrorism and how an attack does not only affect the nation of the attack but it also effects the people from the country that attacked and the country it self in this case, Pakistan.  As you can see we have two very different scenarios in the movies. In the kite runner they were forced to move out of the country while in the fundamentalist Changez was forced to move back to Pakistan. We have somewhat of a similarity here just that they do the opposite thing of each other. Other than that the movies focus on terrorism as you can realize, also a lot of families and friends are involved. Both movies focus a lot on close friendship and family, mostly friendship with fundamentalist but still.

Rob Hiaasen

Just another innocent man dead because some guy with a gun could not handle the truth. Thats reality, the truth needs to be spoken and some people can not handle the truth sadly. Rob Hiaasen was not the only one killed durning the «Capital Gazette Shooting» but also 4 others were shot and killed by a shotgun.

This makes us really questions if our freedom of speech and democracy is in risk. If that was a simple yes or no question the answer would actually in my opinion be yes it is. Many countries you are killed or arrested by saying something negative about the regime. Example of a country can be North Korea, in North Korea if you say anything negative about the regime you will most likely spend rest of your days in one of the worst prisons in the world. In Russia you are also arrested and stalked if you think or say anything publicly negative about the president.

Our freedom of speech is defientily at risk and that also means our democracy is at risk. There is no real fix to this except people need to handle the truth and people should be allowed to say what they think and mean of the goverment.

Brick Lane – Review

Relatert bilde

Brick Lane  – Quick Summary

Brick Lane is a movie about a young woman from Bangladesh called Nanzeen. A very young and sweet woman with a rather positive looking future inhead of her. Until her life takes an unexpected twist, her mother dies and since her father can’t take care of Nanzeen alone he arranges a weeding to a man in London called Chanu. A overweight man easily 20+ years older. Chanu is a man with a cold heart, he has little understanding of his wife’s feeling and do not really care to fix anything in their realationship or family. Even though Chanu is not a good husband he is a earnest citizen, a hard worker. Everyday he talks about how he will get promoted and earn more money, etc.

Together Nanzeen and Chanu has two childeren together while one passed away before being born. These childeren are two females called, Bibi and Shahana. Time passes and Nanzeen does not really seem happy anytime throughout the movie, even while having sex Nanzeen just closes her eyes and dreams about something else.

More time passes and Chanu decides to take a loan from one of the unsurer who works at their flat behind his wife’s back. What Chanu does not know is that these loan are not proffesional therefore is impossible to repay. He used the loan to buy a computer thinking that he can be more educated with the internet. He thought the knowledge from the internet would help him get a promotion in his career but quite the opposite happened. Chanu lost his job and was forced to be a cab driver, now with a big loan to pay off. So Nanzeen needed to get some form of income so she bought a sewing machine and started making blue jeans.

She starts sewing pants and quickly met a «charming» man called Karim. Karim was the delivery man for the pants and quickly Nanzeen and Karim connected together and fell in love. Long story short Nanzeen and karem talked about how they would proceed to divorce with Chanu. After some time Nanzeen tell Chanu what she felt and they got divorced. The movie ends with an open ending.

My thoughts

I did like the movie, I thought it was an interesting story and special in many ways. I think the movie reflects on how people change when they meet the right person and what the power of love really is. Also it reflected on how force marrige is a really bad thing. After all I would rate the movie a strong 6 out of 10.

‘Girl rising’ reflection

The 26th of October we watched this documentary called ‘Girl rising’. This documentary  hit me in a few different ways. The documentary was about how girls in undeveloped countires do not have a chance to get an education and how this can really effect the world.

Bilderesultat for girl rising

This effect is what we usually call the ‘butterfly effect’, an action of something have multiple consequences. Imagine something as simple where your car would stop in the middle of road at the morning rush at 7am on your way to school or work. How this simple accident could have so many outcomes. A lot of people would get late to work, and a whole lot of other things would have happened. This is what we call the butterfly effect. How the smallest action can have the biggest consequence. This movie was something we can think of being a huge butterfly effect. All the girls without education would have made a difference in their own way. Some of them would grow up being politicians and some girls maybe even be next president. Some of those girls could become doctors and save millions of lives. Some of these girls could even find the cure for a disease.

‘One girl with courage is a revolution’ is a phrase we heard in the movie. I do think that the girl who said it meant that anyone can make a revolution if they have the courage to really work for what they love. If in this case one of those girls had a big courage to find a cure for cancer she could have done that if she had the education to do so. Girls in undeveloped countires are only used for making childeren, watching the family, getting water for family. Girls do not have any rights and are muted and unimporantant. In the western world we take education for granted, we might sometimes even skip school because it is ‘unimportant’ and ‘boring’. Well indeed it is not very fun to go to school but from this movie I learned that education is pure power. Education makes a human and finds the best in them so they can work for that.

The movie shows the story of 9 different girls in different countires. I think the one that made the greatest impression on me was ‘Yasmin’. Yasmin is from Egypt and was a victim to violent attack. But rather then to become a victim, Yasmin fights back and says she is a superhero and escapes the scene. That says a lot about how strong she is. How she actually dared to stand up against someone even though it could harm her. Not only strong physically but also mentally.

The girls said that they do not consider themselves as victims. I do think the reason for this is because they really never had anything, they never had an education system like us and therefore they do not know how it is. Aswell I think the girls really appericate the little they have and I think that is a wonderful thing. I can not really realate to any of their lives because I simply do not know how they feel or how their everyday is. Since I was six years old I have been going to school so I can not feel or understand how it us to not have any school or education.

I think that this movie is important for showing what education really does. Before watching this movie I did not think how big of a difference education could do. Education is an important investment because every single country and even the earth will benefit from it. It is so important and such a good investment with no risk.




Importance Of Water

Water is the reason for life on Earth. Water is essential for all life on Earth. All life requires water from your cat and dog to all the cells in your body. The human body is 64% water and not only do you need water to stay hydrated, water is used for a lot of things. Water is used for cleaning, cooking, and sanitation. A lot of people take clean water for granted since we are raised like this and never really thought about how lucky we are.

The western world or the developed countries have dedicated factories for cleaning water and miles long pipes underground used for transportation of water to every single house. Some countries have more challenge then other, for example in Spain in Barcelona they need to use a lot of chlorine to clean their water because there are no real clean water source. But they still manage to get clean water out from the spring.

Undeveloped countries struggle even more. In poor countries and cities like Cape Town people, usually woman have to fetch many kilometers to get a bucket of the most dirty water you can imagine. The water often contains dangerous bacteria’s or virus making the humans very sick and there has also been multiple  deaths from dirty water containing bacteria. I think it is very important for everyone to get clean water. Not only can it save lives but it will also stop new diseases from developing and will overall raise the hygiene levels.

Why don’t everyone have access to water?

Well the reason is hard to understand but yet very simple. Countries like South-Africa suffers from extreme heat and drought making the water evaporite Also these countries often have little to none rain each year making water even more rare and harder to get. Also the government make rules for obtaining water making it even harder for civilians to get access to clean water.


The consequences are as the obvious. A lot of people will die and have died due to dehydration.  Dangerous diseases also gets developed due to the lack of hygiene because there is no water to clean yourself with. Often the woman are the ones who goes out for water fetching. This often takes a lot of time meaning they need to drop school just to be able to survive a day.

What can YOU do?

Røde-kors have a donation site where you can give money to a family. This means everything for the families and you could even save a life. There are multiply organisations who are working with getting clean water so a quick google search will leave you with multiple of organisations to support or donate to. Other then that you can stop taking water for granted, for example do not let the water run while you are on the toilet. And just overall lower your water usage.

I hope this gave somewhat of a meaning to how important water is for humans, animals and the environment. Thanks for reading!



UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Bilderesultat for sustainable development goals

Climate change & affordable and clean energy

The climate is at an all time risk. This very minute the climate is changing.

There is not a single country in the world that has not been experiencing the drastic changes of the environment. There has never been registered a higher global temperature then we have to this very day. The green gas level is rising in a incredible speed and has been increased by 50% since the 1990’s. Which is obviously bad news. This creates long lasting changes to the climate which will take many hundred years to reset.

An increase in green gasses means higher global temperature on earth. To this very date (04.09.18) the average global temperature is 14°C.  That number might seem low but the truth is very different. This number is actually very «high» for an average temperature on the earth and the worst part is that it is rising in an extreme speed. Here is a graph made by NASA for proof in Degree Fahrenheit.

Average Global Temperature, 1880-2013


Why is this a problem? Why should we take action? Why can’t we keep burning and polluting earth?

The consequences are horrible. The ice in the Arctic are melting in an incredible speed which means an increase in ocean levels. Since 1901 the ocean has rised by 17cm and this is because of the changes in the average global temperature. Increased ocean levels means that cities will overflow, especially low countries like Denmark and the Netherlands will suffer. Worst case scenario the countries become inhabitable because of the high ocean levels. The rest is obvious.

Higher temperatures means also that countries become hotter. Countries like Spain and Turkey and other near equator will suffer a lot from this.  The heat will dry the environment out, meaning that water will be harder to get, plants will struggle to grow, etc.

Not only will humans suffer from this but also animals will struggle to find water and  food, already the polar bear is near extinction from this because of the ice melting in the Arctics.

Bilderesultat for polar bear in arctic suffering

What to do?

Now that I have hopefully convinced you to think that this is a real problem, how do we really fix it?

First step is lower our green house gas emission. We need to find alternate sources to fossil fuel and gasses. Humans are already developing electric cars. This is a great alternative source to fossil cars, the car runs 100% on electricity and do not give out green house gases. This is a huge step in the right direction. Another step as an individual is to use your car less. Use public transport, bus, train, etc. If everyone could do this we are already in the right direction. I am not going to go into details how to take control of the climate but I think you an idea of what I mean. We need to take care of the earth, it is the only planet that we have for the moment. Time is running up to find a new planet or fix our mistakes on earth.

Thanks for reading my post

-Filip Johansen