UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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Climate change & affordable and clean energy

The climate is at an all time risk. This very minute the climate is changing.

There is not a single country in the world that has not been experiencing the drastic changes of the environment. There has never been registered a higher global temperature then we have to this very day. The green gas level is rising in a incredible speed and has been increased by 50% since the 1990’s. Which is obviously bad news. This creates long lasting changes to the climate which will take many hundred years to reset.

An increase in green gasses means higher global temperature on earth. To this very date (04.09.18) the average global temperature is 14°C.  That number might seem low but the truth is very different. This number is actually very «high» for an average temperature on the earth and the worst part is that it is rising in an extreme speed. Here is a graph made by NASA for proof in Degree Fahrenheit.

Average Global Temperature, 1880-2013


Why is this a problem? Why should we take action? Why can’t we keep burning and polluting earth?

The consequences are horrible. The ice in the Arctic are melting in an incredible speed which means an increase in ocean levels. Since 1901 the ocean has rised by 17cm and this is because of the changes in the average global temperature. Increased ocean levels means that cities will overflow, especially low countries like Denmark and the Netherlands will suffer. Worst case scenario the countries become inhabitable because of the high ocean levels. The rest is obvious.

Higher temperatures means also that countries become hotter. Countries like Spain and Turkey and other near equator will suffer a lot from this.  The heat will dry the environment out, meaning that water will be harder to get, plants will struggle to grow, etc.

Not only will humans suffer from this but also animals will struggle to find water and  food, already the polar bear is near extinction from this because of the ice melting in the Arctics.

Bilderesultat for polar bear in arctic suffering

What to do?

Now that I have hopefully convinced you to think that this is a real problem, how do we really fix it?

First step is lower our green house gas emission. We need to find alternate sources to fossil fuel and gasses. Humans are already developing electric cars. This is a great alternative source to fossil cars, the car runs 100% on electricity and do not give out green house gases. This is a huge step in the right direction. Another step as an individual is to use your car less. Use public transport, bus, train, etc. If everyone could do this we are already in the right direction. I am not going to go into details how to take control of the climate but I think you an idea of what I mean. We need to take care of the earth, it is the only planet that we have for the moment. Time is running up to find a new planet or fix our mistakes on earth.

Thanks for reading my post

-Filip Johansen





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