Importance Of Water

Water is the reason for life on Earth. Water is essential for all life on Earth. All life requires water from your cat and dog to all the cells in your body. The human body is 64% water and not only do you need water to stay hydrated, water is used for a lot of things. Water is used for cleaning, cooking, and sanitation. A lot of people take clean water for granted since we are raised like this and never really thought about how lucky we are.

The western world or the developed countries have dedicated factories for cleaning water and miles long pipes underground used for transportation of water to every single house. Some countries have more challenge then other, for example in Spain in Barcelona they need to use a lot of chlorine to clean their water because there are no real clean water source. But they still manage to get clean water out from the spring.

Undeveloped countries struggle even more. In poor countries and cities like Cape Town people, usually woman have to fetch many kilometers to get a bucket of the most dirty water you can imagine. The water often contains dangerous bacteria’s or virus making the humans very sick and there has also been multiple  deaths from dirty water containing bacteria. I think it is very important for everyone to get clean water. Not only can it save lives but it will also stop new diseases from developing and will overall raise the hygiene levels.

Why don’t everyone have access to water?

Well the reason is hard to understand but yet very simple. Countries like South-Africa suffers from extreme heat and drought making the water evaporite Also these countries often have little to none rain each year making water even more rare and harder to get. Also the government make rules for obtaining water making it even harder for civilians to get access to clean water.


The consequences are as the obvious. A lot of people will die and have died due to dehydration.  Dangerous diseases also gets developed due to the lack of hygiene because there is no water to clean yourself with. Often the woman are the ones who goes out for water fetching. This often takes a lot of time meaning they need to drop school just to be able to survive a day.

What can YOU do?

Røde-kors have a donation site where you can give money to a family. This means everything for the families and you could even save a life. There are multiply organisations who are working with getting clean water so a quick google search will leave you with multiple of organisations to support or donate to. Other then that you can stop taking water for granted, for example do not let the water run while you are on the toilet. And just overall lower your water usage.

I hope this gave somewhat of a meaning to how important water is for humans, animals and the environment. Thanks for reading!




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