‘Girl rising’ reflection

The 26th of October we watched this documentary called ‘Girl rising’. This documentary  hit me in a few different ways. The documentary was about how girls in undeveloped countires do not have a chance to get an education and how this can really effect the world.

Bilderesultat for girl rising

This effect is what we usually call the ‘butterfly effect’, an action of something have multiple consequences. Imagine something as simple where your car would stop in the middle of road at the morning rush at 7am on your way to school or work. How this simple accident could have so many outcomes. A lot of people would get late to work, and a whole lot of other things would have happened. This is what we call the butterfly effect. How the smallest action can have the biggest consequence. This movie was something we can think of being a huge butterfly effect. All the girls without education would have made a difference in their own way. Some of them would grow up being politicians and some girls maybe even be next president. Some of those girls could become doctors and save millions of lives. Some of these girls could even find the cure for a disease.

‘One girl with courage is a revolution’ is a phrase we heard in the movie. I do think that the girl who said it meant that anyone can make a revolution if they have the courage to really work for what they love. If in this case one of those girls had a big courage to find a cure for cancer she could have done that if she had the education to do so. Girls in undeveloped countires are only used for making childeren, watching the family, getting water for family. Girls do not have any rights and are muted and unimporantant. In the western world we take education for granted, we might sometimes even skip school because it is ‘unimportant’ and ‘boring’. Well indeed it is not very fun to go to school but from this movie I learned that education is pure power. Education makes a human and finds the best in them so they can work for that.

The movie shows the story of 9 different girls in different countires. I think the one that made the greatest impression on me was ‘Yasmin’. Yasmin is from Egypt and was a victim to violent attack. But rather then to become a victim, Yasmin fights back and says she is a superhero and escapes the scene. That says a lot about how strong she is. How she actually dared to stand up against someone even though it could harm her. Not only strong physically but also mentally.

The girls said that they do not consider themselves as victims. I do think the reason for this is because they really never had anything, they never had an education system like us and therefore they do not know how it is. Aswell I think the girls really appericate the little they have and I think that is a wonderful thing. I can not really realate to any of their lives because I simply do not know how they feel or how their everyday is. Since I was six years old I have been going to school so I can not feel or understand how it us to not have any school or education.

I think that this movie is important for showing what education really does. Before watching this movie I did not think how big of a difference education could do. Education is an important investment because every single country and even the earth will benefit from it. It is so important and such a good investment with no risk.





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