Brick Lane – Review

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Brick Lane  – Quick Summary

Brick Lane is a movie about a young woman from Bangladesh called Nanzeen. A very young and sweet woman with a rather positive looking future inhead of her. Until her life takes an unexpected twist, her mother dies and since her father can’t take care of Nanzeen alone he arranges a weeding to a man in London called Chanu. A overweight man easily 20+ years older. Chanu is a man with a cold heart, he has little understanding of his wife’s feeling and do not really care to fix anything in their realationship or family. Even though Chanu is not a good husband he is a earnest citizen, a hard worker. Everyday he talks about how he will get promoted and earn more money, etc.

Together Nanzeen and Chanu has two childeren together while one passed away before being born. These childeren are two females called, Bibi and Shahana. Time passes and Nanzeen does not really seem happy anytime throughout the movie, even while having sex Nanzeen just closes her eyes and dreams about something else.

More time passes and Chanu decides to take a loan from one of the unsurer who works at their flat behind his wife’s back. What Chanu does not know is that these loan are not proffesional therefore is impossible to repay. He used the loan to buy a computer thinking that he can be more educated with the internet. He thought the knowledge from the internet would help him get a promotion in his career but quite the opposite happened. Chanu lost his job and was forced to be a cab driver, now with a big loan to pay off. So Nanzeen needed to get some form of income so she bought a sewing machine and started making blue jeans.

She starts sewing pants and quickly met a «charming» man called Karim. Karim was the delivery man for the pants and quickly Nanzeen and Karim connected together and fell in love. Long story short Nanzeen and karem talked about how they would proceed to divorce with Chanu. After some time Nanzeen tell Chanu what she felt and they got divorced. The movie ends with an open ending.

My thoughts

I did like the movie, I thought it was an interesting story and special in many ways. I think the movie reflects on how people change when they meet the right person and what the power of love really is. Also it reflected on how force marrige is a really bad thing. After all I would rate the movie a strong 6 out of 10.


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