Rob Hiaasen

Just another innocent man dead because some guy with a gun could not handle the truth. Thats reality, the truth needs to be spoken and some people can not handle the truth sadly. Rob Hiaasen was not the only one killed durning the «Capital Gazette Shooting» but also 4 others were shot and killed by a shotgun.

This makes us really questions if our freedom of speech and democracy is in risk. If that was a simple yes or no question the answer would actually in my opinion be yes it is. Many countries you are killed or arrested by saying something negative about the regime. Example of a country can be North Korea, in North Korea if you say anything negative about the regime you will most likely spend rest of your days in one of the worst prisons in the world. In Russia you are also arrested and stalked if you think or say anything publicly negative about the president.

Our freedom of speech is defientily at risk and that also means our democracy is at risk. There is no real fix to this except people need to handle the truth and people should be allowed to say what they think and mean of the goverment.


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